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Another Incredible FCA Camp Experience
by posted 07/25/2014

FCA Delmarva Gang at Gettysburg Lacrosse Camp 2014

26 FCA Delmarva Players, 2 Coaches and 1 Amazing Trainer took part in the 2014 FCA Gettysburg Lacrosse Camp.

In 2013, roughly 250 players attended camp.  2014 saw a record number of 404 Campers from all around the United States and even a player from Germany!!  What a testament to the power of this camp, and the impact it has on the lives of our children (and coaches!)

If you have any questions about the camp, and the impact it has in our lives, then I would suggest reaching out to any of the families whose sons or daughters attended camp...Then I would mark this week on your 2015 calendar as a "can't miss" for your son or daughter!



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If you are looking for a club lacrosse program...
by posted 07/23/2014

If you are looking for a club lacrosse program, which cares about the development of your son or daughter's mind, body and spirit, as well as their lacrosse skills, then you have come to the right place!

​As one of the oldest and most well established lacrosse clubs in the United States (1989), with over 4,000 members, FCA Lacrosse has helped players find their way on to the field at every level in College and in the Pros, and even more important, has helped define the character of many successful men and women around the world.

Our FCA DELMARVA regional club program was started in the Summer of 2010 with one team of 18 boys, and has since grown to seven teams (4 boy's and 3 girl's) and over 140 young men and women.  Our players have been selected to represent FCA and their states at national showcase events, and many have gone on to play in college at D1, D2 & D3 levels.

We will never discuss "scholarships" with any player or parent, however, we will discuss how playing lacrosse can open doors, and how being a part of FCA Delmarva Lacrosse can help gain access to playing in national events.  Along the way, we will even help our players and their families navigate through the quite complex college recruiting process.

The FCA Lacrosse Ministry is for any athlete, coach, fan or friend of the lacrosse community who loves lacrosse and has an openness or desire to grown in his/her relationship with God.  FCA is committed to developing “three-dimensional” athletes and coaches who want to fulfill their potential physically, mentally and spiritually.

For more information on our teams and upcoming events, please contact our club President, Kevin Greene by phone 410-920-7493 or by email: .

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