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2015 Summer Season Details
The following details for the 2015 Summer Season are outlined below:
I. Tryout Registration Details
II. Teams Fielded In 2015
III. Tryout Dates, Times and Locations
IV. 2015 Tournament Schedule
V. 2015 Player Investment Details



All players (both current and prospective) are required to register and attend at least one upcoming tryout session.  All players who will be trying out for a spot on one of our FCA Boy's or Girl's Summer teams must be registered and have paid the $25.00 tryout fee before attending.  Once a player has been registered and paid, they may attend any (or all) tryout session(s), there is no need to register again for future tryout dates.



Players are not guaranteed a roster spot on a team from year to year, but must earn their way on the each team.  Player selections will be made based on ability and individual skills.  Overall talent and player commitment will weigh heavily on player selection.  Therefore, in an effort to provide players maximum exposure during tryouts, please plan on participating in all scheduled tryout dates to ensure coaches have ample opportunities for evaluation.  

Coaches will base the selection of players for their teams on player ability, skills, and commitment to club participation.  We will not allow players to play “up” at any age level, regardless of skill.  This is for the benefit of team chemistry and consistency over time. 

Players will be notified of their status within two - three days after each tryout session.  Players will receive one of the following notifications: 

1) Invitation to join the club for the upcoming Summer season.

2) Potential candidate with request to return for additional evaluation. 

3) Notification of not being selected.

NOTE: All Players are expected to provide their own regulation lacrosse equipment including: NOCSAE certified outdoor lacrosse helmet, mouthpiece, certified lacrosse shoulder/chest protection, certified lacrosse arm pads, certified lacrosse gloves, stick, cup and cleats.  No hockey protective equipment or box lacrosse helmets may be used.  Mouthpieces are mandatory! If a player does not have a mouthpiece, they will not be able to participate in the tryout session.

Current Players Not Planning to Return in 2015
If your son or daughter is a current player, and they are not planning to join us for the 2015 Summer Season, we ask that you simply send a quick email letting us know so that we may use this information in preparation for planning our teams.



For the 2015 Summer Season, we will be fielding one team at each of the age groups listed below:

 U11 BOYS  2019/2020 GIRLS
 U13 BOYS  2017/2018 GIRLS     
 U15 BOYS        
 HS BOYS (2017/2018 ONLY)  



BOY'S TRYOUT SESSIONS                

All Season Sports Academy (Elkton, MD)



All Girl's Teams Are Full N/A N/A







IV. 2015 Tournament Schedule

For a complete list of the boy's and girl's tournaments, which The FCA Delmarva Lacrosse Club will be attending; along with the investments required for each player, please download a copy of our schedule here: 2015 FCA DELMARVA SCHEDULE

IV. 2015 Player Investment Details

For the 2015 Summer Season, all players (boys and girls) will receive a new three piece sublimated uniform set.  The details for player investments for the Summer are as follows:
2019/2020 GIRLS $460.00
2017/2018 GIRLS $550.00
U11, U13 & U15 BOYS $500.00
2017/2018 BOYS $500.00


If you have any questions please contact Kevin Greene directly ( )

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Exciting Things Ahead!

We are pleased to announce a partnership between two great local lacrosse organizations

Delaware Silverbacks and FCA Lacrosse - Delmarva!!!


Kevin Greene, The National Director of Coaches Ministry for The Fellowship of Christian Athlete Lacrosse Program and President of the FCA Delmarva regional lacrosse program for boys and girls and Christian Zwickert, Director of the High School Travel and Recruiting component of Delaware Lacrosse Academy and the Delaware Silverbacks have worked out their program schedules to provide a partnership where all participants will benefit on and off the field

"Kevin Greene and I have been working for a while to see how we can logistically work together to provide better opportunities for growth, in many different aspects, for both of our programs," states Christian Zwickert. "I am very excited to have this opportunity of boys and girls in our surrounding communities! This partnership is going to add more value to our programs and more importantly add more value to our players and our families."

The partnership set-up will allow FCA players to continue to play as FCA Delmarva Club members and give them the opportunity to play for the Silverbacks travel and recruiting program without conflict of schedules. This will give each player the best opportunity for development and exposure. 

"Kevin Greene brings a great deal to the table," states Zwickert. "Kevin is a nationally recognized Coach’s Education Program Trainer for US Lacrosse and one of only eight trainers in the United States certified to teach Level 3 certification. Kevin also serves as a national field trainer for the Positive Coaching Alliance and 3 Dimensional Coaching. I look forward to getting him involved with expanding our coaches' education program and utilizing his expertise in building stronger people and leaders in our community. Our goal is to extend this relationship further to include our girls lacrosse program - Delaware TRIBE."

Kevin Greene on the "partnership":

What was the rationale on developing a partnership between The Silverbacks and FCA Delmarva?

“Coach Z “gets it”! I have known Christian for over ten years and have seen first-hand how he combines his passion as a former player, coach, and parent to help guide young men and women to success both on and off the field. I view the partnership between FCA Delmarva Lacrosse and The Delaware Silverbacks as a natural extension of everything for which our organization stands. With a dedication to teaching the fundamentals of lacrosse and an even stronger commitment to the long-term development of the student-athlete as an individual forming this partnership was an easy decision.”

Do you see this partnership as potential for losing players from your club?

“I’m not concerned at all. Players and their families choose to join FCA Lacrosse for specific reasons, as other families freely choose clubs in our area and around the country. In our club's statement of purpose we are clear on the fact that we focus on the development of the three dimensions of a student-athlete (physical, emotional, and spiritual) and hope to help guide those players who choose to play at a higher level on to tournament teams like The Silverbacks and our FCA National tournament teams, which specifically attend recruiting events.” I’m also hoping that we can share our unique culture with players and their families who may not know or understand what FCA is all about.”

What do you think you bring to the coaching staff of The Silverbacks?

I believe that while my perspective as a player, coach, and parent may not seem unique my experience as a US Lacrosse and PCA Trainer over the last seven years, working with thousands of coaches and parents around the country, gives me a very unique perspective on (intrinsic v. extrinsic) motivation, which effects long-term athlete development and pure love of the game. My hope is that in addition to helping coach I will have the privilege of working with the coaches and parents to help them as they support the growth of their players, sons, and daughters.

Kevin Greene Bio:

Kevin Greene is a former Basketball and Lacrosse player at Franklin & Marshall College (F&M) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has been involved with lacrosse for over 30 years, as a player, coach, trainer, and parent. In 2006, Kevin helped launch the Cecil County Youth Lacrosse League, a recreational lacrosse league for boys and girls located in Northeastern Maryland. Kevin has coached boys and girls lacrosse at the youth and high school level, trained and mentored college lacrosse players for over 17 years, and continues to play on the FCA Grandmasters tournament team. Kevin joined the Delaware Silverbacks coaching staff this past Fall. Kevin's son Ethan is a 2018 Defenseman from Rising Sun High School (MD) for Silverbacks.

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FCA Victory Dinner 2015

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2015 FCA Victory Dinner
Header Image
A Reminder from Cecil County FCA...

Victory Dinner

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Neal Jeffrey


Mr. Jeffrey was a former quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, former FCA staff, and learned the meaning of overcoming early in life.  A stutterer since childhood, Neal had to find a way to "get through what he couldn't get over" to achieve his lifelong dreams.  Today, he is one of America's most powerful and passionate communicators, speaking for corporate conferences, national conventions, sales organizations, sports teams, school districts, student groups and churches from coast to coast.

Everywhere he goes he inspires audiences to go "higher, swifter, stronger" in the critical areas of life.


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If you are looking for a club lacrosse program...

If you are looking for a club lacrosse program, which cares about the development of your son or daughter's mind, body and spirit, as well as their lacrosse skills, then you have come to the right place!

​As one of the oldest and most well established lacrosse clubs in the United States (1989), with over 4,000 members, FCA Lacrosse has helped players find their way on to the field at every level in College and in the Pros, and even more important, has helped define the character of many successful men and women around the world.

Our FCA DELMARVA regional club program was started in the Summer of 2010 with one team of 18 boys, and has since grown to seven teams (4 boy's and 3 girl's) and over 140 young men and women.  Our players have been selected to represent FCA and their states at national showcase events, and many have gone on to play in college at D1, D2 & D3 levels.

We will never discuss "scholarships" with any player or parent, however, we will discuss how playing lacrosse can open doors, and how being a part of FCA Delmarva Lacrosse can help gain access to playing in national events.  Along the way, we will even help our players and their families navigate through the quite complex college recruiting process.

The FCA Lacrosse Ministry is for any athlete, coach, fan or friend of the lacrosse community who loves lacrosse and has an openness or desire to grown in his/her relationship with God.  FCA is committed to developing “three-dimensional” athletes and coaches who want to fulfill their potential physically, mentally and spiritually.

For more information on our teams and upcoming events, please contact our club President, Kevin Greene by phone 410-920-7493 or by email: .

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Daily Devotional

FCA publishes devotionals from athletes around the world for daily motivation.  To have these devotionals delivered directly to your email CLICK HERE to sign up.

FCA Delmarva FAQ's

Interested in playing for one of our teams?  looking for details about tryouts, etc? Check out our FAQ page and hopefully some of your questions will be answered...


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